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Tournament Fishing in the White Marlin Open

Several of our clients fished the White Marlin Open, and the winning stats were incredible. The 2022 WMO was another record breaking year for anglers from around the world.

It is an honor to say that our clients fishing in the WMO with RodsbyDru rods earned over $5 million dollars in prize money.

Here's an awesome snapshot of the $4.5 million dollar white marlin caught by the Billfisher team on our rods. The 77.5 lb fish warranted a record pay out.

sailfish jumping

Hear the details from angler, Jeremy Duffie himself:

"Basically, we ran outside the Baltimore canyon in 1500 fathoms for the last day. We had fished around there and caught a few fish earlier in the week. Caught a smaller white marlin in the morning, then marked one and it came to the long rigger. I fought it for 35 minutes and we knew it was a decent fish when we had it close. Ended up being the right one. Thanks. Your stuff is always on point. - J"

A $1.2 Million Dollar Blue Marlin

Congratulations are in order for Captain Eddie Wheeler and the entire Cabana team for their 511 lb blue marlin worth over $1 million. The fishing rods were custom made for the team's location, targeted species, performance goals, and of course aesthetic.

Irish Twin's $22,566 Wahoo

Just when you thought we were done, Patrick Brown and Alec Monteverdi brought us home with a very valuable wahoo!

Putting RodsbyDru to the Test

Year after year, we are humbled by the astounding catches from these incredible sportfishing teams using RodsbyDru equipment. The proof is in the performance - we are thankful to provide these teams with custom fishing rods that are made with love and the finest attention to detail.

Congratulations to all of the talented crews who fished in the White Marlin Open this year.

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