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custom fishing rods by Dru


RodsbyDru fishing rods are hand crafted, one by one. Each rod is backed with up to 20 hours of care, passion, and attention to every detail. Since 1975, my goal has been to create something unique and exceptional, doing my best to never compromise. I want your rods designed around you to catch that lifetime fish, world record, or win a tournament with ultimate confidence in your tackle. I have traveled the world fishing with some of the best captains, watching and learning from what they do. The result is staying on the cutting edge of today’s tackle. By never being complacent and always striving for more, our work is simply unrivaled. The end result is something beautiful and made especially for you. 

Our History:


Drew Thompson learned how to build fishing rods as a teenager in his father's friend's garage. His teacher assumed he’d stay for 20 minutes, but enthralled with the trade, he stayed for 2 years. Growing up fishing in North Palm Beach, Florida, he learned that each species required different tackle, so he made his own rods to target these fish. It wasn't long after that his friends started asking him to build their custom rods to his specifications, and a business was born. In ’75, straight out of college, he was commissioned by Ed and Frank Murray to build the “Ultra Series” line of tackle for Murray Brothers store in Palm Beach. In the early 90’s, he was asked by Tim Chote to build his rods for the fleet of Intensity, Classic, and Magic in Guatemala (Fins & Feathers Inn), as well as his operation in Brazil and Galapagos. In the following years, Drew made a full line of special edition “splatter” rods for Johnny Morris’s Bass Pro Shops. As the business grew, the brand’s reputation only advanced and world class fisherman and big name tournament boats aspired to have RodsbyDru tackle. Today, RodsbyDru outfits the world renowned “Tropic Star Lodge” in Piñas Bay, Panama and sponsors the sportfishing TV program, “Angler’s Journal”, hosted by John Brownlee. Not to mention, Drew's clients claim countless victories in the greatest tournaments around the world. 


Behind the RodsbyDru brand is a man with the same spirit and passion that he’s had since 1975 for making a beautiful product that is always on the cutting edge of the fishing industry, whether it’s abalone shell, exotic wood, or his iconic splatter look. Drew believes, “Whether you’re fighting that lifetime fish, a world record, or competing in a tournament, I want you to have the upmost confidence in your tackle, because I know I do.”

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