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Isla Mujeres Fishing: An Island Adventure with Keen M & RodsbyDru

When we think about an epic island fishing trip, Isla Mujeres instantly comes to mind. Nestled off the coast of Cancun, this beautiful island offers not only breathtaking scenery and culture but also some of the best fishing opportunities in the world. Our recent trip to Isla Mujeres was unforgettable, made even more special by using our RodsbyDru fishing rods tailored to the Keen M Sportfishing operation. We travel to visit our friends in Mexico annually, learning something new about the fishery and about the tackle required for excellence each year.

Keen M Sportfishing x RodsbyDru

rodsbydru in mexico

Our journey began with an early morning departure from Isla Mujeres. The weather was nice, with clear skies and calm seas, ideal conditions for a day of fishing. We met up with our friends from Keen M Sportfishing, the world-renowned charter known for their expertise and dedication. With years of experience navigating the waters around Isla Mujeres, they assured us that we were in for an exciting day. Their extensive knowledge of the local fishery set the tone for what would be a thrilling adventure.

big jack crevalle

The Thrill of the Deep Drop

The waters around Isla Mujeres are teeming with diverse marine life, making it a prime location for anglers. We typically visit in the summer, which is a good time for seeing a variety of species.

We sent our hooks down at the first spot to see what we'd find deep dropping.

Within a few minutes, we were hooking giant snapper, triggerfish, and even a big jack crevalle that Morgan caught!

big mutton snapper

blue ballyhoo
Blue Ballyhoo Fish Fry

Pro Tip: Fish Fry at Blue Ballyhoo at the Dock

The Next Day Offshore

The fishing action continued the next day. We encountered a variety of species, including mahi-mahi, tuna, and even a sailfish. We were going after a junior female world record for Ava, so she was our dedicated angler of the day.

holding up the world record fish book and rig

It took Ava all day to finally catch a surprise species that turned out to be a pending female junior length world record - the horse eye jack.

Ava caught this pending record on RodsbyDru and with the guidance of our friend and captain, Anthony Mendillo.

An Unforgettable Isla Mujeres Fishing Trip

We always have a fabulous time fishing with Keen M Sportfishing. Their expertise and passion for fishing made this trip one for the books.

Back at Home Base

group at the igfa headquarters

Back in Fort Lauderdale, we visited IGFA to submit Ava's pending world record thanks to Zack and the team there! It's always a privilege to visit them and learn about new programs and history in the making.

To learn more about us, visit:

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