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IGFA Records Caught on RodsbyDru

broomtail grouper record

IGFA Records: Celebrating Angling's Greatest Achievements

In the world of angling, the most prestigious organization that recognizes an angler's skill and perseverance is the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). The IGFA identifies the ultimate benchmarks that immortalize the remarkable catches made by anglers around the globe.

The Legacy of IGFA

Founded in 1939, the IGFA is a global organization dedicated to the conservation of game fish species and the promotion of ethical angling practices. Among its many initiatives, the IGFA maintains a comprehensive record-keeping system, meticulously documenting outstanding catches made by anglers worldwide.

IGFA records serve as a testament to exceptional angling accomplishments. They provide a standard of measurement, recognizing the largest fish ever caught across a variety of species, fishing techniques, and line classes.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Breaking an existing record, or even setting a new one, requires not only technical prowess but also patience, perseverance, and a deep understanding of the targeted species and its habitat. To claim an IGFA record, anglers must adhere to strict guidelines established by the organization. This includes adhering to specific tackle and line class requirements, fishing within the regulations of the location, completing the catch on one's own, and adhering to ethical practices. The process ensures that records are established under fair and standardized conditions, maintaining the integrity and credibility of each achievement.

Anglers can pursue records in categories such as fly fishing, conventional tackle, and even junior angler divisions, providing opportunities for anglers of all ages and skill levels to etch their names in angling history.

Our Recent Records on RodsbyDru

Building rods for over 40 years has given our family the incredible opportunity to fish with friends and clients around the world.

Along the way, we've been able to find and catch some of the biggest gamefish, scoring a few IGFA world records of our own!

record roosterfish
Maya's 68 lb Roosterfish

In 2015, Maya caught the first world record (age 15) in the junior female angler category - a 68 pound roosterfish caught in Panama at Tropic Star Lodge!

record roosterfish
Ava's 65 lb Roosterfish

The following year, Ava (age 8) caught her own roosterfish IGFA record in the small-fry category at 65 pounds!

In the following years, Maya fought to secure another female record for a broomtail grouper at 51.8 lbs.

record broomtail grouper
Broomtail Grouper Female Record

Ava succeeded in earning two more junior records for a blue fin trevally (12 lbs) and rainbow runner (14 lbs). She didn't stop there, though.

After the IGFA length category opened in 2023, she entered a few more records for Mahi Mahi, Horse Eye Jack, Jack Crevalle, Cubera Snapper, and Rainbow Runner. And many more to come, we're sure!

bluefin trevally record
Bluefin Trevally Record

We are so proud of Maya and Ava's accomplishments, and we're so fortunate to catch these IGFA records with our very own custom rods!

For more information about RodsbyDru, contact us today!

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