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The Best Saltwater Fishing Rods

If you're an avid angler looking to venture - or dive deeper - into saltwater fishing, then your experience on the water would not be complete without the best saltwater fishing rods. Offshore fishing requires a different approach than freshwater and other types of fishing. It's essential to find the best types saltwater fishing rods to achieve your goals out on the water - whether its dolphin and yellowfin tuna or tarpon and blue marlin. We'll highlight some of the best types of saltwater fishing rods to choose from depending on your goals.

1 Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are one of the most popular types of saltwater fishing rods. These rods can be used to catch small to medium-sized fish species. They have an open-faced spinning reel and are suitable for catching fish from piers, jetties, shorelines, and out in the open water, too. The length and power of spinning rods varies according to your needs, but in general, they range from 7-10 feet. You may find very light spinning rods or very heavy ones. They are each suited to smaller or bigger fish.

2 Baitcasting Rods

Baitcasting rods are ideal for targeting large fish species, such as tuna or marlin. These rods offer more power and control compared to spinning rods, but they require more practice to master. Baitcasting rods have a closed reel that sits on top of the rod, making them more comfortable to handle. They come in 5-8 feet lengths and have rod handles that offer a strong grip.

3 Surf Rods

Surf rods are designed for fishing in the surf zone, where the waves are rough and the currents are strong. These rods range from 10-16 feet long and are constructed with a sturdy blank for casting heavy lures and bait weights. The length of the surf rod enables you to cast further into the water, and it has a sensitive tip to detect fish bites.

4 Deep-Drop Rods

Deep-drop rods are suitable for anglers who target fish species that stay deep down in the ocean, like tilefish, certain snapper, and others. These rods are usually shorter than other saltwater rods, ranging from 5-7 feet in length. They have a responsive tip that enables you to detect bites and are designed to provide more power for reeling in larger fish.

5 Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are used for trolling or pulling lures behind a moving boat. These rods are designed to move with the boat and are typically heavy-duty. They come in various lengths and actions, depending on the fish species you're targeting - whether it be mahi-mahi or blue marlin.

6 Circle Hook Sailfish Rods

These rods are strong enough to catch a sailfish yet have a light tip to be able to catch fish using circle hooks.

7 Dredge Rods

These are designed to be used with an electric reel to bring in your teasers and dredges. Typically short rods with one swivel tip.

8 Pitch Bait Rods

These rods are meant to be light and easy to handle for quickly “pitching the bait” to a fish spotted on the teaser.

Ready to Fish?

Choosing the best saltwater fishing rods can make a significant difference in your fishing experience. Consider the fish species you're targeting, the location, and the type of fishing you want to do before selecting the right rod. By investing in quality fishing rods, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience offshore.

What's Next?

We've been building custom fishing rods since the 70's, fine-tuning the process every year and learning from world-renowned captains and crews around the globe. For more information on RodsbyDru, contact us today.

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